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Article MacBook BMWi LG Innovation can add value to a product or service. It is value for consumers that goes beyond price. Or it may be said that if the value meets the nes of consumers, the price is consider secondary. Because consumers are willing to buy in exchange for the acquir value. The word innovation must have the following characteristics: Give importance to the nes of customers as the main (Customer Focus), regardless of any innovation that occurs if it is not bas on customer nes. Or help society and the environment better.

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Would not be able to create true value Dubai Email List Innovation should be the first to do it (Leader). Huge value will be if it can be done first. It will make you an instant market leader and virtually unrival. There is value to society as a whole (Society), although the company can create innovations that meet the nes of consumers. That is consider to create value that is superior to competitors in the market But if the value generat can have an impact on the social level as a whole. The more outstanding your company and products will be.

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Creativity (Creative Idea) Innovation requires Asia Email List a combination of creative ideas in order to create value. Creative ideas are not just Wow. but also the creativity in using various products to make it easier and more convenient It may also include positive ideas to address target audiences, society and the environment. Spe ​​(Spe) Bringing innovation or technology to facilitate the spe of products or services. It’s what consumers want. Whether after sales service product sales model In particular, using any services through applications such as systems and online shopping processes.


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