What to do next Optimize then scale.

Seller of the item suggestion. it’s best not to make exact queries. Especially if the service is associat with a place gym club. In this case the exact query will narrow the target audience and the ad performance will be poor. The window period in which adding users will catch up with the ad depends on the project. For example it is not uncommon for someone who is looking for an apartment to spend days catching up on an ad. And people who choose shampoo don’t. Mistakes when setting up contextual targeting Improperly craft lists For example they use keywords that are too general and attract people who are not ready to buy the product but are currently only interest in the topic.

For local marketing campaigns

Synonyms don’t work where you can find Ecuador B2B List useful. For example if we were promoting a jewelry brand gold ring keys would not work well. Because in addition to jewelry there are suits and travel lines. Therefore it is necessary to omit phrases such as journey song ensemble etc. Period is not set and defaults to days. But this is an average and not suitable for all products. Not excluding audiences that have already bought and those we catch retargeting. Socio-demographic targeting doesn’t work It just so happens that you us the exact key but forgot to exclude the ag audience. Launching a different campaign for the same.

B2B Email List

Keys and options for negative keywords

Audience instead of preheating the Asia Email List auction directly to us they queue up the same users while we overpay and lower the click rate for the campaign. It is important not to confuse these two different processes Let me remind you that we optimize when we have no hits and want to ruce the audience. To do this we analyze the key add specific queries check for negative keywords and see if we miss the period. When we’re successful and want to get a larger audience we scale. To this end we integrate successful keywords extend the cycle try other ideas and add target audiences who.


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