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Labor costs – they include, in addition to the basic remuneration of employees, fixe fees relate to insurance, various contributions or security for the company and employees; participatory system – a characterize scope of the possibility of expressing opinions by employees, negotiating working conditions, the area of ​​independent decision-making and co-deciding them with superiors. Are your employees not giving their best? We will help them become true ambassadors of your brand! Enter your e-mail, we will contact you Motivation depends to a large extent on the processes taking place in the human consciousness.

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She determines his behavior. The overarching goal is the result for which a given entity devotes its effort, time or resources. Man evaluates the usefulness of a given goal, and this must excee the measurable and immeasurable costs use to achieve it. The Latest Mailing Database subjective assessment of the probability of obtaining a positive result is also very important. Believing in its achievement will motivate you to act even in difficult moments. Therefore, effective motivation tools should be base on three basic assumptions. These are: the difference of each person.

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Features relate to work and the ways and rules of conduct in the company. External employee motivation tools Extrinsic motivation is relate to the influence of the environment on the person. The individual takes action when he sees the Asia Email List benefits of achieving the goal – he will receive an adequate reward or gain from performing a given activity. On the other hand, the fear of not completing the task and the expecte punishment also have a motivating effect. Another typology introduces a division of motivation into positive, which refers to creating the best possible conditions to achieve the intende goals, and negative, which is base on fears and strong emotions of a given person.

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