In addition to the obvious impact of China’s internal stability

The burden of higher taxes could also affect prices and, consequently, sales of Apple products. 4. Any other possible destabilization in China’s policy – omitting the trade war already discussed – may affect the cost of Apple products and, consequently, their sales. A perfect example here are the protests in Hong Kong, parallel to the conflict with the US. on the risk of rising production costs, there is the following effect of the political situation: the protests caused losses on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange of USD 600 billion and a 40% decrease in the number of buyers of luxury goods. Which include electronics. Therefore various companies, including Apple, are seeing sales in that area.

Huawei is not the only company that

Has been accused of “spying” on its users – there were similar voices about Apple, especially in the context of the Siri voice assistant and the Apple Music service. The unexpected success of Apple as a music streaming service provider and the growing public awareness of the users’ right to privacy may translate into political pressure to limit the Latest Mailing Database company’s operations (e.g. under the pretext of preventing monopolization), which would obviously affect its sales results. In this way, we come to a not very optimistic conclusion – an unforeseen effect of globalization is that the smallest change in the political relations of any country can affect the sale of. Goods produced by them, including, of course, electronics.

The instability of the geopolitical situation

Latest Mailing Database

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