Before registering, you must go to the Growth Center located in your Lazada Seller account.

Hover your mouse over the Growth Center and click Challengers & Prizes.

Lazy Under Advance/Campaign Challenges, select New Presenter Challenge. Just join the challenge and then you can proceed to register and audition. Register and Audition
Lazy To register, simply open your Lazada Seller account and hover your mouse over the Traffic section of the sidebar. Click LazLive.


You will be redirected to a new page where you will be asked to connect your Lazada Customer account. Enter the phone number or email address you used to create your Lazada account. Note that you need to provide your buyer’s account and not your seller’s account. You can click Check to see if you entered the right profile.


You will be redirected to an instruction page when you click Next.

What happens if you don’t pass

Make sure your background is set up before you start streaming. For your reference, the colored shopping bag icon is where you’ll find the products and promotions currently shared with viewers. The plain shopping bag icon is where all of your additional products are listed. In a live trial, you can only add a maximum of three products. The third icon is where whatsapp mobile number list all your vouchers will appear.

Just click Get Started when you’re ready to start your live trial.

Outperform your competitors & increase your sales in next 30 days.

Be a successful market seller!

After you submit your live video trial, the LazLive link will no longer be in your menu. It will take three to five days for Lazada to make a decision regarding your live audition.

But once you are approved, the LazLive button will reappear and you can create your first foreshow link.

You will receive notifications about the results of your audition. The LazLive button will also reappear in your account so you can try again.

Creating a Lazlive ForeShow Link

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After you pass the audition, Lazada will show a different screen when you tap on the LazLive button.

Instead of a live trial, you will be redirected to your LazLive Dashboard where you can choose to create a foreshow or start your live video.

The Create A Foreshow button allows you to fill in your video orientation settings as well as banner, video name, time to start, description, and associated product.

Once you’ve created your foreshow, be Asia Email List sure to share links to your social media pages a few days before the actual date. This will allow your buyers to set a time to be present during your Livestream.

On the day of your Livestream, make sure to click Start Live 10 minutes before you start.