Searching the internet is not just about typing a word or series of words into the search field and waiting for the result. You have to know how to use it effectively to get the best result. These few tips will allow you to use a search engine effectively so as to obtain relevant results. Choosing the right search engine there are several types of search engines. Some of them specialize in specific domains, such as ejustice.Fr or spock.Com. others are general engines, namely google, yahoo, voila or msn search. Meta engines can also ensure efficient searches, and provide more precise results. They offer results from several search engines. Particularly for international searches, it is advisable to opt for an engine dedicated to the targeted country. Choose the keywords well the choice of words to type in the search field is essential.

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They do not speak our language and only provide the results closest to the search object. So, it should be made clear. To search for a “women’s shoe store”, it is important not to limit yourself to “shoe store”. Otherwise, the results provided by the search engine will include men’s, children’s and VP Design Officers Email Lists women’s shoe shops. Also, you must exclude keywords that can mislead the robot and bring irrelevant results. To do this, simply use the “–” sign by placing it in front of the word to be excluded. To further refine searches, the use of deep keywords is also essential. Perform more specific searches selecting the right keywords is not enough, you also have to consider the syntax. By entering several keywords separated by a space, the engine will surely offer pages containing one of them.

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To Refine the Search

It is necessary to space the two words with a “+” sign so that the engine can decipher that it must display the pages containing the two words at the same time. To search for “shoe” and “woman” in the same page, you must enter “+shoe +woman”. a few notes to consider in some cases, search engines do not hesitate to display results similar to the search object. To search for an exact phrase, use quotation marks. In this way, the robot will Asia Email List automatically exclude similar results and only show pages containing the exact word. In the case of accented characters, it should be noted that search engines manage them differently. The robots of some engines take them into account while others neglect them. Thus, to obtain relevant results, it is advisable to type the searched word with the exact spelling. If in doubt, write the word without an accent.