The Discomfort of The Managers of Small Traditional Sm Es

For months, all players in the economy have agreed that french companies are encountering difficulties. Our sm es seem to be heavily penalized by high payroll costs, untenable pressure on cash (payment deadlines, orders confirmed late, very tense commercial price negotiations, etc.) and excessively changing taxation. The recent multiplication of bankruptcies and companies in difficulty prompts us to say that we are in a difficult situation. In recent years, the political community has constantly committed to taking measures to improve the financial situation suffered by these sm es: implementation of the law on the modernization of the economy, launch of the public bank of ‘investment.

Asks Banks to Support Companies

Financing needs , tax credit, set of laws during covid… so many measures to give companies some breathing room to resume their development. Too limited solutions it is clear that these measures do not target the majority of companies. On the tail side, the latest government decisions mainly Food, Kindred Products Manufacturers Email List meet the expectations of large exporting sm es, innovative companies and large french companies. On the face side, 96.8% of french companies, those that hire 1 to 19 employees, have been hunkered down for a while, are now struggling to maintain jobs and unfortunately end up running out of steam. A worrying observation when we know that these vs es hold.

Job Function Email Database

The Majority of Jobs and Create

Around 30% of the value produced in our country. Unlike medium and large companies, vs es. which are more traditional in nature, do not benefit from any notoriety. Do not seek to relocate to improve their profits and have no one to inject. Hundreds of thousands of euros in order to support their business. For them, the job cuts linked to the crisis are less visible, a few here and there. But in the end, it’s not about Asia Email List the 8,000 layoffs of a major automaker. No, tens of thousands of employees are affected by failures in vs es disillusioned and lonely tp. Es forgotten by the media and politicians, faced with tax and administrative regulations that are constantly changing. The managers of very small businesses often feel alone.

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