Keeping watch is the opposite of “being an ostrich”, “closing your eyes” and the behavior to adopt for any leader and any company that monitors the market to make the relevant decisions. Often a source of confusion, the day before is scary and is not taken in its proper measure by the leaders who abandon it, for lack of time and sufficient understanding. Admittedly sometimes complex, it is nevertheless essential to allow the company to exercise its activity in all serenity but also to develop it, on markets in perpetual evolution where competition is fierce. Definition, issues and methodology. Definition and challenges the day before is a voluntary approach of the company which consists in collecting information.

It Serves Two Main Purposes

The detection of threats and opportunities. In fact, we talk about monitoring to control risks, when the data collected makes it possible to identify future developments, of whatever nature, and to anticipate their plausible repercussions on the activity in order to reduce their risk. ‘impact. in another Rubber Plastic Manufacturers Email List measure, just as important, we talk about the watch to innovate, as a means for the company, listening to the environment, detecting future trends and creating new products or new markets. These purposes correspond to operational or strategic issues for the company. To answer this, the day before materializes in different forms. At the operational level, there are for example the following watches: commercial, competitive, regulatory, environmental, opinion.

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At the Strategic Level

There are technological, marketing, sectoral watches… methodology very often, entrepreneurs abandon their monitoring actions because they have not clearly defined their procedure. The methodology is essential to facilitate the process because it makes it possible to simplify the process as much as possible. For an effective monitoring, it is necessary to have answered the following problems: – the domains: the company Asia Email List defines the themes on which the watch will focus, according to its needs. For each of them, it sets its degree of importance in order of priority, and the expected objectives. – actors: the company determines whether it has the necessary human resources in terms of availability and skills to operate the day before.