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Business But there is a deeper analytical perspective. that goes into detail to analyze customer groups, competitors, stakeholders and the environment that affects business The more information we can find, the more helpful it is to identify the problem. and business challenges for the opportunity to develop the potential of the organization even better siness opportunities such as economic growth trends currency exchange rate interest rate inflation unemployment rate, etc. Social (S) Social factors that affect and business opportunities such as the rate of population growth. average age of the population work attitude health consciousness Attitudes towards life, culture, etc.

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Technology (T) Technology factors that affect Niger Email List and business opportunities such as innovations that occur various research and development technological change awareness in technology automation technology The arrival of digital and AI, etc. Environment (E) Environmental factors that affect and business opportunities such as climate. Seasonal changes, global conditions, environmental regulations and policies, NGO groups, etc. Legal (L) Legal factors that affect and business opportunities, such as consumer protection laws. copyright law Health and Safety Laws labor protection law, etc.

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TOWS Matrix is ​​a comparative analytical Asia Email List tool to choose the right strategy to achieve the overall goals and objectives of the company, such as higher sales. increas profits TOWS Matrix is ​​bas on SWOT Analysis which is us for auditing and analyzing your business which is the first step of doing any business while TOWS Matrix is ​​the next business planning process. TOWS Matrix Proactive Strategy SO Strategies (Strengths and Opportunities) The first and foremost strategy is to use the company’s internal strengths. And make the most of the external opportunities available, such as your company being the first to emerge in AI technology. and the market tends to grow.


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