How to Sink Your Business in 5 Steps

No need to brandish the scepter of failure and bankruptcy, it is an integral part of the threats faced by any leader. To help you drown instead of just drinking from the cup, we offer you the keys to bankruptcy. Here are 5 steps that you will of course bypass by reading this article. The failure of the business plan the business plan is a document without any value. In a pinch, it can be used to convince potential investors… but why invest if you want to get it over with? Maybe you want to take the plunge and get into as much debt as possible. The business plan is a 100% strategic phase, which is why you absolutely must ignore it. if you draw up a good business plan, you are likely to know where your business is heading and have a long-term vision.

To Be Certain of Missing Your Business Plan

Above all do not include the elements of your strategy such as commercial, marketing, industrial plans, the management of your teams, financial analysis, etc. competitive indistinction just observe what works and try to improve the concept. Go through with your mistakes by convincing Primary Metal Manufacturers Email List yourself that focusing on a promising niche always leads to success. Avoid dwelling on the competition… why seek to differentiate yourself? If you have similarities in your products, no need to modify anything, you could sell more of them and increase your turnover. Why seek to impose yourself on the market.

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You Who Want to Sink Your Box

Put the odds on your side by increasing the price of your products for no reason, by extending delivery times, by setting up in a geographical area where competition is great and customers are very rare. If you have a little time, promote…your competitors! Don’t waste money on communication besides Asia Email List an ineffective industrial and commercial strategy, inappropriate financial and hr management, consider communication as having little or no importance. You want to sink your box and you would do communication to sell better?!! To be sure of the drop in your turnover, take care to neglect the role of marketing. Be careful, if you have a competitive advantage, do not inform your customers and prospects under any circumstances.

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