Between your phone that rings continuously and your twitter account that seems to be screaming “look at me!! Constantly, not easy to succeed in working! Do you know the worst enemies of efficiency? They bear the sweet name of “time eaters”. To tell you what they are: imagine your schedule for the day being attacked from all sides by frightful “pacman” hungry and who, little by little, eat up your time. Scary isn’t it? It is however the reality! A few tips to protect yourself against calendar predators! Stop the sympathetic but clingy colleagues: does your employee have a crazy desire to tell you about their weekend, several times a day? Or does he absolutely want you to validate his work, task after task? It may be time to learn to close your door sometimes, and to clearly announce the hours when you make yourself available for your collaborators.

Social Networks Ultra-Connected and Ultra-Addictive

Admittedly, your twitter account brings you a lot of information about your sector of activity. And facebook allows you to federate a community around your company. But beware of those who do not put safeguards in place: without drastically limiting your use of social networks, you risk losing precious minutes, even hours, every day. victim of mailo-telephone harassment? Dare to turn off your phone Media Directors Email Lists and close your email box when you are on a task that requires concentration. During your first “unhooking” sessions, it will be quite funny… but you will get used to it very quickly, you will see! Multi-tasking = multi-wasting of time : get out of the illusion of believing that we are more efficient by doing several things at the same time. 

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Do One Thing at A Time

Do it well in the face of infobesity, go on a little information diet. We live in an era in which leaders are overwhelmed with information coming to them from all sides. News on their sector, data of all kinds… learn how to purge your mailbox of all these flows. Of information that will not be of much Asia Email List use to you. Thing interview with mathieu nebra, open class rooms for the book being an entrepreneur today – editions. Eyrolles being an entrepreneur today why is it important to organize with talent? “the real reason is to work on what has the most added value. As an entrepreneur, we have many things to do and it is essential to focus on what has the most. Value to avoid wasting time in the end. Personally, i use my iphone and my mac a lot to organize myself.