Recruit without Cv to Find the Rare Pearl

Recruiting without a cv can be a real asset in finding the ideal candidate while limiting costs. The famous cv does not always represent the reality of the candidate’s career and leads to an approach that is sometimes too “classic” which prevents the candidate from being judged on the right elements. Back to what makes a cv an embarrassment. The current resume template does not reflect the candidate’s background a career of 13 years in recruitment, mainly in temp agencies, in different sectors of activity, leads me to an observation: the cv does not reflect the professional career of the candidate. We find there (almost) always the same information: education, professional experience, areas of expertise and interests/miscellaneous. Certain elements are missing and this absence naturally invites us to ask ourselves questions: what about his personality? What about his accomplishments.

What About His Projects

The company bases its recruitment on a traditional process another observation: companies generally base themselves on a traditional process, in search of a diploma and experience. But does the diploma mean that the person is really competent for the position? Conversely, does not having the diploma mean that the person does not have the necessary skills for the position? The candidate may have formal PR Directors Email Lists experience (employment contract), and yet not have the skills. R esult: we are missing out on far too much potential. How many people have developed knowledge and skills, without having the corresponding diploma and especially without having carried out the missions during a traditional employment contract? Let’s rethink the job profile and the recruitment interview.

C Level Executive List

Close Collaboration with The Operational

Staff makes it possible to work on the missions, to refocus on the skills and personality of the candidate. While the classic interview looks like an interrogation, it may be worth rethinking it, so that it is a professional-to-professional exchange. It is then a question of evaluating whether the skills developed, whether in business or personally, allow your candidate to accomplish his mission. Admittedly the Asia Email List diplomas and the experience visible in the c vs can remain an indication but it remains that the missions that we carry out on a personal and voluntary basis can train us more. It is unfortunate to see that these missions and achievements are not highlighted on c vs . if you have any doubts about some, nothing prevents you from confirming it during your interview or making a phone call before this one to check that the essential skill is present.

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