Internal Surveys to Open up New Perspectives

For start-ups with a small workforce, other more confidential modes can be consider. It may be useful to turn to another way to collect information, such as brainstorming sessions or meetings led by external coaches. Why question your employees through surveys? If companies carry out internal surveys, it is above all to clearly identify the motivation and satisfaction of employees . True management tools, they are very useful for managing and retaining talent. They provide essential information on what motivates employees in their work but also on what, on the contrary, demotivates them.

The Interest of The Anonymous Survey

Questioning its employees regularly has become a real challenge for all companies, especially since the advent of social networks to avoid any failure. The latter exercise an undeniable power of influence over employees who may receive harmful information. The interest of the anonymous CMO Email Lists survey The survey, if it is anonymous and confidential, will allow you to collect sincere opinions. It offers you the possibility of asking fairly general questions in order to scan all the possible problems, then digging into one of the aspects in particular with a second questionnaire or with another evaluation method.

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Improve Your Employer Brand

However, they do not replace obtaining information on more personalized problems. What to do with the results? The consolidated results of the survey must be presented and commented on to management and employees as a whole. An action plan must be defined and implemented to improve Asia Email List the weak points and solve the problems revealed by the investigation. Be careful after the survey, taking real and rapid action is necessary, but the work does not stop there. You will need to create methods for everyone to track the results and implementation of actions.

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