To the WE Deming model assumes four stages: plan (planning) To (action) check act (performance) Planning (Plan) is the determination of actions/processes necessary to achieve the assume goals. These activities should be in line with the company’s policy, its vision and the requirements of the target group. It is also the time to define stakeholders (people who are affecte by the organization’s activities and people who can influence the organization), the context of activities and priorities. At this stage, the company defines CSR thematic areas.

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For this purpose, it can refer to the assumptions of the ISO 26000 standard. Which lists such areas as: organizational governance, human rights, labor practices, the environment, business ethics, consumer issues, and social development. Considerations should be base on a reliable, detaile assessment of the current situation and the potential database effects of the strategy. Action (Do) is nothing more than the implementation of planne steps. The first versions of the actions are implemente on a trial basis. This allows you to assess their effectiveness and draw appropriate conclusions that will serve as the basis for modifying the strategy.


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At the stage of action, effective corporate communication is of great importance.  Which enables efficient determination of the rules for implementing actions and informing about the effects of these actions. The Check stage consists in measuring the Asia Email List effects of the strategy. Determining whether the actions have brought the expecte results, whether the set goals have been achieve. After the analysis, possible corrective actions that will improve the strategy should be indicate. Execution (Act) is the implementation of improve solutions. At this stage, it is important to remember about constant monitoring of the activities carrie out. This will allow you to assess their effectiveness and introduce corrections at the right time.