Virality Some Criteria to Respect for Your Video

Buzzing, the european leader in video advertising, presented an infographic some time ago offering 10 tips for a video to generate a significant positive word-of-mouth phenomenon. These relevant tips help structure the creation and support of the video. Each of these points deserves reflection before and during creation. They will also be used in the definition of your strategymarketing video. 1 capture the attention from the first 5 seconds because it is often they that will determine the viewing of your video, and therefore its sharing or not by the internet user. The choice is yours: humor, lively action, mystery, or a disturbing introduction (arousing the same feelings as fear or anxiety) . 2 forget the standard formats and do not hesitate to surprise by the form.

Social Networks Such as Vine or Instagram

Proposing longer videos on you tube. All variations are possible, without limiting yourself to a single platform: so create and also surprise by the format offered to “visionauts”. 3 tell a story , because that is the heart of your project. What would you like to offer to those who watch the video? A story Thailand WhatsApp Number List of course, with the well-established memory that it is you who tell it. videos with a story stay and spread faster than those without “real background”. So take out your feathers and tell the story that will be the basis of the video. 4 play on emotions . they are largely responsible for conversations and the spread of your content, your brand name, or a prolific shopping experience.

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A Video Must Arouse an Emotion

That will make the internet user stay, appreciate and share the film. 6 play with your audience by offering additional content to the video, involving the internet user so that he feels concerned and considered by the author of the video. 7 bet on the music , which can clearly set you apart from Asia Email List another video. But choose it well because it can highlight or completely discredit your work. 8 the first 24 hours are essential in a social conquest and the creation of a “buzz”. it is necessary to act strongly on social networks in order to obtain maximum visibility of the video. 9 target influencers because they are the ones people follow, pick up on and listen.

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