Asserting yourself as an expert is an excellent way to develop your business. After launching your business with a specific idea, you must have adapted to the demands of your customers and your perception of the market. For some, the main activity 24 months after the date of  creation of the company  no longer has anything to do with the initial concept. But be careful not to scatter and maintain a consistent course in relation to his skills and demonstrate your expertise by all means. Learn summarized in 30 seconds as an entrepreneur we are very often subjected to this devilishly effective exercise. During the first 30 seconds, it is essential to announce your name clearly and to manage to summarize your skills in a powerful.

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You immediately understand what you are doing. How many times have you heard professionals splutter and dwell on their areas of expertise? Did that make you want to go talk to them? Me personally no. if you are unable to present your activity in 30 seconds, it is necessary to grab a paper and a pencil and prioritize your skills so that you only present those that represent the majority of your time or those that you Yahoo Email Address List wish to develop. Finally choose simple words that an 8-year-old child could understand. Avoid technical terms, english or other pompous abbreviations that only professionals in your industry can understand, it can be quite overwhelming to hear. What to do with the remaining seconds.

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The Next 20 Seconds Should Be Used

To demonstrate your expertise. Our strength as an entrepreneur is that we can only count on ourselves. That our responsiveness and our professionalism are our major assets. So now is the time to show it. do not hesitate to illustrate this with photos. Testimonials from your customers. Names of major Asia Email List companies or institutions that trust you. finally. The last 10 seconds should allow you to target what you are looking for when you do this exercise. Whether it’s investors. A graphic designer or a connection. The more precise you are in these last seconds. The more likely you are to have repercussions. For example. I end my presentation by specifying that i would like to be put in touch with orange’s communications director. Who is called madame.