How to Grow Your Business without Spending Too Much Money 3

In this part, we will focus more specifically on networking events. Whatever your activity, as a business leader you must go to these kinds of events. According to an african proverb that takes on its full meaning in entrepreneurship “alone, we go faster. Together we go further”. It is by knowing how to surround yourself well that you will develop your business in a sustainable way and that your activity will grow on solid foundations. Effective business cards when you prepare to go to this type of event, you think of your well-ironed shirt, your well-shined shoes, but above all, don’t forget your business cards. Going to a networking evening without a business card is like going to play tennis without a racket, there is not much point.

An Effective Business Card Clearly

Presents your activity in a few words, your complete contact details. First name, last name, contact telephone numbers. Your position within the company in a concise manner, your company’s postal address. Your website, your facebook business page and your twitter account (if you have one). Some people never put their email on their business card for fear of ending up on too many mailing lists. In my opinion this is Gambling Email Address a mistake because you also lose the possibility of being reached easily. And without being disturbed on your mobile. The fact of ending up on mailing lists is unfortunately part of the risk. But a small click on the link to unsubscribe only takes a few seconds after all. The specifics of the business card it is recommended to use a classic business. Card size (85mm by 55mm) because they fit easily in card holders or wallets.

Job Function Email Database

Your Card Risks Ending up In the Bottom

Of a pocket in the best of cases, or in the washing machine or even in the trash. Using a double-sided format allows you to use all the available space to communicate about. What you do or who you are an association you defend, a hidden talent. A quote you like, a quick summary of your expertise. Don’t forget that Asia Email List your business card will be the souvenir. That you will leave with your interlocutors, so show your imagination, originality or simply rigor. Because as julien clerc, (great contemporary philosopher), would say in his song remain: “what will people be able to say about me […] when i have done my time here on earth […] people may say bad things, they may say good things the worst would be let’s not say anything. 

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