For this second article on this topic, we will focus on trade shows. They can be a good way to be visible without sometimes costing you money even if most of the time costs are to be taken into account. If you have just launched your activity and are looking for visibility with a qualified public, you may have spotted a trade show or been approached by salespeople wishing to sell you a stand at a trade show dedicated to your activity. In the case where you only sell the service, take into account that you should not expect to explode your activity thanks to visitors. It is generally preferable to focus on exhibitors in order to make yourself known to players in your industry and to define possible partnerships.

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In contact with your future customers. Analyze the living room before embarking on a show. It is important to know the history of the show that interests you date of the 1st show. Number of visitors. Number of exhibitors and means of communication deployed around the show. In order to measure Clinics Email List the relevance of your presence. Once decided. You must be interested in the costs related to a possible participation. The costs can quickly rise to prohibitive amounts preventing you from considering such an action of communication. There are techniques to ensure your presence at this kind of show at a lower cost. But here are the different costs associated with a show.

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Hall to set up your stand (count from €200 excluding tax per m²). Layout costs: furniture, carpet, lighting and layout of your space count at least. The same amount as the bare surface depending on what you want to do. Technical costs: electricity, water supply, slings, wi-fi… (count from €300 excluding Asia Email List tax just for electricity). Communication media: flyers, animations, advertising items (count from €100 excluding tax depending on the medium chosen). Fill in the blanks we advise you to contact the sales representatives of the show or the peopl. Responsible for communication six weeks before the start to offer them to occupy any empty spaces not yet sold. It’s up to you to capitalize on your competitive advantage expertise in a sector, experience to share.