Leader how To Deal with Criticism

Criticism is making judgments about one’s value system. It has its roots in our judgment in relation to a behavior that we like or dislike in the other person at work. It is often linked to emotions and requires those who are confronted with it to master their own emotions and mind. Leaders, here are the instructions for dealing with criticism! At home and at work, we deal with the worst reviews. Both employees and employers must remain stoic in the face of these situations and understand the reason for this criticism. The goal here is to avoid making things worse, even if our unconscious sometimes pushes us not to give importance to the possible consequences of a conflict (deterioration of the working atmosphere, disputes, physical altercations, etc. ).

Self-Control First Indispensable to Remain

Credible as a manager and to maintain full control, especially in difficult situations, self-confidence is to be developed. It is acquired with time, experience, relationships with others. However, it happens that it can be diminished, following dark personal or professional moments. To resist, it is essential to know how to keep your cool and take a step back. To deal with criticism, several methods are R&D Directors Email Lists available to you: controlling your breathing, understanding situations from a good angle, learning to anticipate, being positive, etc. to stay at the top of your managerial form, it remains essential to know how to protect yourself and keep calm in all circumstances. This in order to stay focused on the essentials, for increased efficiency. In other words: take a step back to manage better.

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You Must Also Identify Your Fears

Apprehensions and doubts. While it is essential to recognize your own stress, it is equally important to know yourself personally. What are your fears, your doubts, your fears, your apprehensions? Which situations are more uncomfortable than others for you and why? Some introspection is required. Your loved ones can also help you understand yourself. You need to know your achilles heel to better control Asia Email List situations. Analyze the review you can start with a “portrait” of the criticism to better understand it. if it is related to your behavior or your way of working (which turns out to be very different from theirs), it is easy to think about it and try to become better. You just have to understand that in the teams the personalities and the ways of understanding the work are different according to the personalities: the perfectionists.

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