The entrepreneur encounters the written word at each stage of the creation of his business. The written word must become his ally and not a permanent anguish. The entrepreneur imagines and develops new high-performance products with all their sales channels; he has already overcome the complex meanders of management but inevitably finds himself confronted with the perilous exercise of writing. He very rarely, at the beginning, has a wonderful secretary who writes his e-mails and letters to him or an assistant specialized in administrative writing. On the path of a business creator one of the first steps is in a simple magic phrase, thrown on the fly by a customer, a supplier, an investor: “Confirm it to me by email” and of course the answer will be: ” No problem ! The first tool to master is therefore e-mail.

Secrets of Administrative Writing

How to start an e-mail and what polite formula to use? Is he too familiar or too direct?… and the spelling mistake , that famous mistake that stalks all his writings like an old enemy. Above all, you will have to learn to control yourself when faced with the “send” button. This key which, if I believe Owner/Partner/Shareholder Email Lists my ears, is the one that everyone regrets having pressed too quickly. The creator must therefore acquire as soon as possible the writing talents of the rare pearl that he will be able to hire when the development of society allows it. Secrets of administrative writing Without forgetting the writing of these famous letters which require precision and beautiful turns of phrase with polite formulas from another time and which nevertheless will be authentic before the Law. These letters must be effective and neat.

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Well yes France has retained the administrative structures that our entrepreneur will be confronted with. To obtain grants and aid, the entrepreneur will be forced to navigate the intricacies of administrative writing. If a letter is to the point, written effectively, it will certainly hold the attention Asia Email List and make the recipient want to respond. power point exercise The creator will need to master Power point . “Just a few slides” you might say. Yes, but a successful presentation will win the agreement of financial partners, investors who will support its project. Of course, when he thinks he has refined it, he must not spoil it with a series of illegible texts with excessive content or by bad taste in the choice of fonts or the color of the wallpapers.